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If you are a DIY Decorator, take a course, read the blog, jump in on a webinar, download a cheat sheet, or schedule a consultation...whether you want free or for a fee,
there is something for everyone.

If you are a PRO Decorator, consider joining the PRO Decorators Zone, a Mentorship, not a Membership. Elevate your business, make more money, get , market smart and so much more with advice, guidance, and mentoring from industry experts.

but lack confidence or need some inspiration? Perhaps you rock this decorating thing but want to polish or elevate your skills to take your home to new levels. You might even be considering turning your talents into a side hustle. Maybe you already took the professional plunge, by turning your talent into a career, but need confidence and to polish your skills.

Welcome to the Decorating Zone! No matter where you are on your decorating journey, the Decorating Zone will help you upgrade your skills, find new inspiration, and share with your fellow decorating buddies. It is the place to be to zone in on understanding everything it takes to create a beautiful space...for you or your clients.

Do you love decorating and always have some type of project going on in your home? Hi there, Design Dreamers! Do you love decorating and always have some type of project going on in your home? Perhaps you just want to jazz up your space with some killer style, minus the whole "reno from scratch" drama? Well, guess what? My Pretty Pockets Course is your golden ticket to creating those drop-dead gorgeous areas that will make you happy and your friends envious.

Imagine turning that dull nook into a Pinterest-worthy spot that's got all the vibes. This course is like your secret weapon for transforming specific areas in your home into Insta-worthy stunners. We're diving into color combos, mixing and matching patterns and textures, and unleashing your inner decor diva – all while keeping your wallet happy. Say goodbye to that lonely book shelf or empty corner and hello to a cozy paradise. That hallway or your bedroom wall?

Prepare to see some magic unfold...and you can say, "I did it myself."

  • Our exclusive, complimentary Facebook hangout where the cool kids (that's you!) discuss all things decor.

  • Oh, and mark your calendars for our monthly live sessions – you bring the questions, and I'll bring the design wisdom.

  • Ready to turn your home into a magazine cover? Buckle up, it's gonna be a wild ride!

  • So, why wait? Let's dive into Pretty Pockets and make those spaces pop!Here's some stuff

The world is filled with people willing to pay for your talent and expertise. Welcome Design Doers! Do you want to elevate your design skills and confidence? If you want your clients to love the spaces you create and send referrals your way, get excited for Pretty Spaces for the Professional Decorator. Filled with solid information and insight as to what you might be missing in a space. We're about to elevate your interior design game to superstar status!

Imagine crafting rooms that makes you proud that you were involved. We're talking nailing those color palettes, arranging furniture like a pro, and turning spaces into jaw-dropping works of art. This isn't just's a design masterpiece in the making.

Let's Talk All Things Design:

  • Join our exclusive Facebook crew and let's swap stories, ideas, and a whole lotta design inspo.

  • Join me twice a month for a live sessions...I'm here to spill the design tea and answer all your burning questions.

  • Ready to make your client's spaces a haven of style? Girl, we're so ready for this!

    So, what are you waiting for? Enroll in Pretty Spaces for the Professional Decorator and let's make your design dreams come true!

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I love Interior Decorating! For the last 40+ years, I have had the pleasure of teaching many how to decorate for pleasure and profit. This experience led to my online Decorating Membership matter where you are in your Decorating journey, there's a group for you.

I've never been the designer that felt that you had to have a big budget to have a beautiful home. Your home and the quality of the things you own will change overtime, but no matter where you are in deserve a space you love. Decorating is more than pretty "stuff." It is the perfect blend of emotion, creativity, color, placement, texture, storytelling, personality, and function that suits the people who live there. After all these years, I still get excited at the possibilities of a space. Are you:

1. Ready to redecorate but don't know where to start?

2. Struggling to define your style?

3.Unsure of your preferred color palette?

4. Deciding if you want a color whisper, hug, or pop?

5. Unsure of sofa placement?

6. Struggling with a budget?

7. Wanting to turn your talent into a business?

I can help you find all the answers! Let's create the home (or business) you love together in one of my membership groups.

We love the nice things our Clients & Students Say

"I love JoAnne’s approach to teaching…she is funny, informative, and practical.”

"My office is my classroom today. I took several webinars, 2 on business and one on color. My favorite by far and no surprise, a color seminar by JoAnne Lenart-Weary. I can't wait to share what I learned with my clients on my next color consultation.“

Funny, informative, practical, and a wealth of tips and tricks that can only come from someone who has been in the business as long as JoAnne.



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